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When Marble Becomes The Main Language In The House

As a well-known lawyer in Taichung, his battles in court gave him an insight into the ugliness and beauty of human nature, and saw the so-called taste and insight from those clients with distinguished social status.

As he gained more fame from the battles he won, he accumulated more and more customers and wealth, and also gradually built his understanding of life.

When he buys his own house, as an important residence for the second half of life, he internalizes everything he has seen and felt over the years without worrying about lack of financial ability.

He used a huge amount of marble to decorate the house almost everywhere: dining table, laminates, countertops, sinks, bathtubs, walls.

In the eyes of others, it may feel too exaggerated, but he has passed the age of caring about other people's opinions, and understands that the most important thing is how to live comfortably and freely.

Of course, marble is not easy to maintain. The lawyer hence contacted CERALIV CASA, and through the protective power of our coating, it really achieves the goal of "beautiful and practical decoration".

What CERALIV has always been doing is not just coating, but helping others to really have their dream lifestyle.

This time we are very happy to help a well-known barrister in the industry.