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Capturing the Transient Moment of Life, LIMESTONE

Humans have split open the layers of time, bringing natural building materials into living spaces, infusing the man-made world of steel and concrete with a visual feast forged by nature.

We are familiar with the dazzling marble or the delicate slate, but the limestone we want to introduce today might be somewhat unfamiliar.

Therefore, when we received this request, our research and development team started from scratch to study it.

​We discovered the limestone, revered as the "stone of life," which derives its most fascinating beauty from the timeless moment of eternal life. It is a crystalline stone formed by the accumulation of marine fossils from hundreds of millions of years ago, undergoing long-term tectonic movements. It possesses a hardness similar to granite and enchanting patterns with a distant history.

It is also the preferred stone for many classic buildings, such as the Museum of Modern Art Shiga in Japan, the Louis Vuitton Maison Vendôme Store in Paris, the Arc de Triomphe, and Tom Tower of Oxford University in the UK. Limestone is extensively used to outline majestic and elegant historical styles.

The case is located by the river, with the floor covered in light yellow limestone. Like all natural stones, the tiny pores on the surface of limestone, although capable of effectively regulating humidity and temperature, creating a warm environment in winter and a cool one in summer, also make it prone to absorbing water or stains, resulting in discoloration. Moreover, due to construction limitations, limestone cannot be perfectly cut, making the joints prone to dirt accumulation.

To preserve the original beauty and practicality of the stone, the homeowner contacted numerous coating brands, but they were all rejected on the grounds that "This stone will absorb water." Eventually, through the introduction of a designer, he got in touch with CERALIV CASA.

CERALIV CASA can indeed be regarded as experts in dealing with absorbent materials, having had extensive experience with related coatings. We have successfully helped many homeowners resolve their concerns.