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Unique furniture case study | pure white and super absorbent table!

Furniture should be practical, right? However, in CERALIV's practical experience, many pieces of furniture are very easy to get dirty and extremely difficult to maintain, and this is especially true for brands imported from abroad. For example, the pure white table from the well-known American furniture brand Crate and Barrel, which we are sharing today.

Even the most beautiful furniture has its function, such as a table being used to place objects, but this is a table that is very absorbent. If you put a cold drink on it, and pick it up in less than a second, water droplets from the cup rim will immediately leave cup marks on the table. Not to mention greasy soups and other liquids from meals. Can this table still be used?

This was the dilemma faced by the famous YouTuber and aspiring internet celebrity BeautyWu. About two months ago, a colleague shared a video of BeautyWu's new home unboxing in a work group chat, with a special note on the video from 6:53 to 7:30 that this table is very beautiful but not practical, and he thought we could bring new possibilities for this stone table. Therefore, CERALIV took the initiative to contact BeautyWu's team and arranged for a site visit.

Upon arrival, we were certain of one thing - this table is very difficult to deal with. Because it is made of a mixture of soil and coated with pure white paint on the surface, it has extremely high absorbency, and any minor dirt or contamination is very noticeable and cannot be cleaned easily. The difficulty of this table lies in maintaining its original pure white appearance while also solving the problem of dirt. Moreover, this table is very special and different from the water-absorbing stone we have worked on before. Therefore, after many internal tests, we decided on the method and chemicals to use for this table.

Because this table is so special and different from the water-absorbing stone we have worked on before, even though we have absolute confidence in our own coatings, we were still a little nervous on the day of acceptance. Fortunately, Little Wu greeted us with a smile on his face and enthusiastically told us that he had already "used up" the table before our acceptance, eating beef noodles, drinking coffee, and putting drinks on it without any problems. He had already used the table to its fullest potential, so it seemed that the protection against daily dirt had passed!

Later, we tested the table with droppers, spray bottles, and water-based pens. Honestly, our hands were shaking, as this table is one of only four imported into Taiwan. However, from Little Wu's help in recording the coating effect, we could see that he was very confident in the protective effect of the coating on the table. He was okay with messing around with the table!

Afterward, Little Wu posted a time-limited dynamic showing that he could draw with a ballpoint pen and pour green tea on the table, which could be wiped off with a tissue.

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