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Artful Apartment Coating Case

For a home built with the art museum concept, the decoration must be separated from the dirt so people living there can enjoy the space more casually.

Delicate decoration takes time to conceive and maintain. Therefore, the kitchen and bathroom, which are the most challenging to take care of, are the main point of this owner's coating.

Stainless steel seems durable and easy to take care of, but it isn't. Because of frequent contact with oil, water, and soap scum, stains are easily left. Although the owner's family has just moved in, CERALIV found a lot of brush marks and water scales on the sink and faucet during cleaning.

In addition, the kitchen island is made of beige terrazzo, and the bathroom wall is also decorated with terrazzo. Unique, but terrazzo is super absorbent. Without proper protection, sauce stains and watermarks will penetrate "mercilessly." For the owner who loves to cook and cares about aesthetics, it is not a space where she can enjoy cooking and rest time.

Fortunately, the owner learned CERALIV home coating, and the coating film makes the dirt easy to remove. In addition, the transparent film will not change the appearance and texture of the new home designs; therefore, beauty and practicality can coexist.