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Changhua Luxury Office+Residence Case

Recently, CERALIV went to Changhua to coat a luxurious office+residence.

Following the navigation, we drove the car into a country road, suspecting that we were in the right place? But our colleague calmly said: "It’s okay, no worries."

After the car turned into the main road, a luxurious mansion came into view, at that moment, we know today will be a very "fulfilling" day.

Walking into this luxurious office+residence, we found that it has been built recently. The first floor is an office, and the second floor is for rest and short-term staying.

Before the official starts running, the owner wants to have CERALIV coating to make the cleaning and maintenance much easier.

However, the team was surprised to find that the glass, stainless steel sink and shower room glass door have already had very obvious and serious water spots issues.

The owner said "We just come to live in occasionally and it had become so terrible as you see."

We immediately understood why they would want to have CERALIV coating. After all, with such a low frequency of use, the stains and water spots still occurred so badly.

After the condition was confirmed, we immediately started coating. The stains and water spots on glass and the sink were much more serious than we expected, so it took quite a long time to remove most of the stains. Without proper protection, some stains cannot be removed no matter how hard you wash them. This is the importance of CERALIV home ceramic coating, doing appropriate precaution at the beginning saves precious time and efforts afterwards.And this is what CERALIV strives to provide to every family. In addition to protecting your cherished home, we also want to spare your time from trivial chores.