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Beitou Hot Spring Apartment Studio Case

Beitou, the most famous spring area in Taiwan, has attracted millions of tourists every year. Due to the beautiful natural environment, rich historical atmosphere, and modernized convenient public transportation, more and more people have settled down in the lovely area.

Mr. and Mrs. Liu are two of them. Mrs. Liu has worked in the hotel business for over one decade, and her husband is a senior engineer. They work very hard and finally buy an apartment.

It’s not just a home. It's a dream come true, and they surely cherish the house. Moreover, they are both very busy at work and don’t want to waste time on the chores.

They are eager to spend the time with each other, instead of the unimportant and irritating cleaning.

 Due to Mrs. Lin’s understanding of home ceramic coating. When the interior work was done, she immediately gave us a call.

Thanks to her hotel experience, we didn’t spend too much time on explaining what our coating is able to do. What really surprises us is that she has done the research and knows the difference between CERALIV and others which are the durability and professional serving attitude.

After the measurement and coating, we have absolute confidence that they are going to enjoy their married life.