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Let CERALIV Coating Help People Get Along Better With Home

More and more interior decorations have gradually begun to use glass partitions to replace cement walls, which can stretch the view. As a result, the light flows in the space and closely connects the pace between family members.

For the owners who have purchased the new home and completed the decoration, the glass partition behind the living room highlights the entire space. The owner likes the transparency that glass can bring to the area. Compared with other materials, high-density glass is already easy to clean.

However, due to Taiwan’s humidity climate, dust will easily stick on the glass surface(such as water scale and fingerprint), making it easy to look greasy and filthy.

The owner wants to have transparency and a bright space made of glass and maintain the environment easily. After he learned about CERALIV Home Coating, he realized his dream eventually.

The invisible liquid ceramic film can simplify the maintenance steps of building materials to just water, neutral detergent, and a dishcloth to wipe off stains, reducing the surface erosion of the object. When the owner understood the benefits of coating in detail, he decided to apply the coating to the whole room’s glass and stone.

CERALIV coating is not only helpful to the maintenance of building materials but also can coordinate the relationship between family members. Because they know that keeping clean and tidy is easy, they can use less energy to maintain the home’s beauty.