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Enjoy The Turn of Seasons At Home

In this case, it took a year for the decoration only. Marble of different colors and other building materials combined with the warm sunlight, the space has a leisurely and delicate charm.

The owner, who participated in the entire design process, understands that marble is challenging to take care of, and there are two energetic children in the family. But only marble can create the ideal layered.

To preserve the perfect appearance of the marble, the owner read a lot of related maintenance information before moving in and learned about the home coating technology when surfing the Internet, among which CERALIV liquid ceramic coating attracted his attention.

When CERALIV entered the owner's home for on-site measurement, we found the application of marble and other stone material everywhere, whether living room, countertops, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

"Why not protect it from the beginning? Since you know it will be used for more than ten years."

The owner consulted with CERALIV about the effect of the ceramic coating and understood that the transparent layer does not affect the original aesthetics of the building materials and its superior anti-staining. Therefore, the owner decided to apply the coating for all the room's stone materials, including the shower glass!

Regardless of interior design or coating, it echoes the needs of the owner's family. CERALIV not only brings long-term protection to the building material and furniture but also freezes the ideal appearance of the home.