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A Nice Decoration Depends On The Taste, Keep Nice Quality Through Cleanliness

Interior decoration is a visual appearance of personal taste. However, to keep this beauty forever, we must rely on daily cleaning to maintain it.

When CERALIV entered the owner's home for on-site measurement, we were amazed by the tidy and clean space. The owner is also proud of how he maintains the home environment. He will always pay attention to every detail. No matter what kind of building materials, he will take a lot of time to take care of it.

However, when the owner mentioned the bathroom cleaning, he was full of helplessness and discouragement. No matter how various methods are applied and increase the cleaning frequency, in a humid environment, the mirror and shower glass always have water scale in a few days. Over time, the bathroom has become a "clean border area," which is the hurdle in the owner's mind.

So when the owner saw the CERALIV home coating review post shared by Sharon Hsu, he knew that prevention is always better. After careful consideration, he decided to contact us.

In the past, cleaning the scale was always frustrating. Still, the invisible film formed by liquid ceramic coating technology makes it difficult for stains to adhere, postponing the scale and dirt formation time!

During the discussion, the owner also decided to apply the kitchen coating to improve the quality of living. As a result, the kitchen and bathroom are the areas with the most CERALIV coating applications. We won't say that with home coating, and you never need to clean; however, the CERALIV coating can solve most of the cleaning time so that you can catch your breath.