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The Epidemic Has Deeply Affected CERALIV, And Our Customers' Wedding Plans

The epidemic has deeply affected CERALIV, and our customers' wedding plans

Some guests were ready to get married and move into the nest of love, but the epidemic is like a bucket of ice water, pouring on their enthusiasm and joy.

Mr. Wang from Taoyuan is one of them. In October last year, when CERALIV just started home solution coating service, there were no previous cases to refer to. However, Mr. Wang has believed in us and decided to do the coating on a great amount of areas.

The shower room glass, kitchen sink and countertop, cloth sofa, leather chair, special colored wooden table,and even the faucets (because stainless steel is easy to stain by fingerprints).

Because of the epidemic, this case was delayed a whole year, and Mr. Wang and his wife never moved in, staying in their original residence. For us, it's good news. The cleaner the surface is, the better the coating results are.

I sincerely hope that the epidemic will not impact our lives from now on, and the couple can enjoy the happy family time in their new home.