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CERALIV Keeps A 7 Million House In Its Best Appearance

Unboxing Dream Retirement Home with Million Luxury Decorations ​ Tainan is the most famous city in Taiwan, with a long history and rich cultural heritage. People enjoy a cozy lifestyle at their own pace. The case shared this time is, without a doubt, the ideal house for many people.

The interior decoration is delicate. The open kitchen and the large floor-to-ceiling windows create dazzling displays of sunlight and transparency inside the house. There isn't the feeling of oppression by high-rise buildings and fast-paced life.

To protect her treasured house, the homeowner found many information and recommendations. As a result, she finally chose and contacted CERALIV for residential coating service.

Because of the unfamiliarity with ceramic coating technologies, the sales representative spent four hours explaining what home coating is and how it could bring a more comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle, especially during our initial acceptance inspection.

Our coating is a transparent nano-ceramic; therefore, CERALIV believes in the necessity of acceptance. After the coating, the homeowner will get the same excellent anti-stain property of our coating as we introduce it. ​ It's our pleasure to provide her with a more relaxing lifestyle through the ceramic coating, and she is delighted.