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Kaohsiung bathroom coating case study | Young couple struggling with stubborn water spots!

This young couple settled down in Kaohsiung after working hard to buy a house and preparing to start their happy life. The first question that came to mind was how to maintain the perfect appearance of the house as it was on the first day of moving in. They thought of many solutions, until they accidentally came across information about residential coating on the internet. They realized that if cars can be maintained through coating, why not homes? They were excited about this discovery and immediately searched for and compared many brands for home coating.

They compared many brands based on warranty period, price, effectiveness, acceptance, and brand value. Eventually, they chose CERALIV among many brands. Because home coating is a relatively new industry, they were a bit afraid at first, worrying about the cost, the effectiveness, the impact on the quality of their home, and other concerns. We understand these fears, which is why there is a very clear acceptance mechanism to reassure customers. However, even if the quality acceptance is passed, it is only the effect at that moment.

What really made them feel comfortable and think that choosing CERALIV was the right decision was when they accidentally stained something during the move-in. They thought it was dirty and ruined, but it was easily removed just like when we accepted it. At that moment, they felt that home coating was a very correct decision.