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The Most Luxury Apartment In The Best-Know Hot Spring Area Of Taipei

CERALIV’s original intention is to create the best ceramic coating and solve the irritating stains problems that every family has. When our customers see the results and have a smile on their faces, that gives us great satisfaction and a sense of achievement.

We never have thought that we would have the opportunity to be able to offer our service for dozens of families at once.

In this case, CERALIV came to Beitou's most luxurious apartment "Dong Teng Yue".

Swimming pool, top-floor gym with panoramic view of Taipei City, private hot spring bathhouse, Dong Teng Yue interprets the definition of enjoyment.

However, the five-star hotel level hot spring bathhouse causes problems for the management committee and residents due to the highly absorbent stone floor.

The oil and water stains are all over the floor. The maintenance thus becomes an important issue.

We received Dong Teng Yue’s call not after long.Thanks to our research and development capabilities, we have created a coating specifically for water-absorbing stone floors. The coating not only prevents oil and water stains from happening but also makes subsequent maintenance easier.

After the coating was done, the hot spring room became brand one, and the management committee was quite satisfied with the acceptance of the splashed water and oil results.