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CERALIV First Prize, bathroom coating construction, let ‘s met the unique professional "body tuner".

This Thursday, the CERALIV team came to Yonghe to fulfill our promise to Miss Qiu, the lucky winner of first prize draw.Although this is a brand new build case, and Ms. Qiu has just moved in recently, there are already severe water spots on the shower room glass door.

In light of the water quality in Taiwan, it is really easy to leave water spots, and that’s why the coating service of shower room glass door coating is the most popular inquiries within our cases. We strongly recommend that if you are very concerned about the water spots on glass, it’s better to do CERALIV before you moved in. Not only can achieve the best result but also save you lots of cleaning time.

#Time is the most precious.

During the coating construction, we are surprised by Ms. Qiu ‘s unique career. She was a lecturer who taught people how to " pronounce " in an appropriate way. And also she is the founder of Natural Voices workshop .

Like most people, we all think that there is no necessary to learn speaking, isn't it just a basic ability?

After she explains, we start to think that it’s quite something on her job.

Her students come from different industries. They all seek for help on improving pronunciation, making their speech more attractive or adjusting the resonance and muscle control.

This time the bathroom coating construction, we are very honored to meet Ms. Qiu and have opportunity to know this special career. Also very grateful to Ms. Qiu for her trust in our CERALIV team.