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Rodin The Thinker

The Thinker is a statue made of marble and copper by Auguste Rodin and his students. At present, there are only 46 statues of the Thinker in the world, which are extremely precious. According to the direct auction price, Rodin's worth has exceeded 100 million, measured by artistic value. The Thinker is an immortal masterpiece, but no matter how precious a work of art is, it cannot escape the influence of the climate. In addition to the bronze sculpture itself, the marble base below is also appalling.

Time Restorer TSJ Team
Asia University hopes The Thinker can be presented to all teachers, students and visitors in the perfect condition, so they hired TSJ, a well-known art restoration team in Taiwan led by Mr. Tsai to restore the statue. With the team's ingenious restoration ability, The Thinker also returned to its original appearance in front of us, but the restoration is the basic project, and how to maintain it is the problem that the museum needs to solve. Therefore, the TSJ team cooperated with CERALIV ARTE to implement coating on the statue to achieve long-term protection.

CERALIV ARTE protects important cultural properties
CERALIV ARTE has developed a special thick coating for outdoor art, which has strong weather resistance, and the installation art coating used on The Thinker can effectively prevent copper statues from being damaged by external forces such as long-term exposure, acid rain, and strong wind to bear various problems.

After working with the TSJ team for half a year, we returned to Asia University Museum of Modern Art for inspection acceptance. The museum told us that in addition to no longer worrying about the rust of the statue, the cleaning has become quite easy. They are very satisfied with the results. There's no need to worry about the manpower and high cost of maintenance anymore.