Case Sharing CASA

The vision of CERALIV is that we hope all families around the world are able to take advantage of our high-performance coating, and release our customers from the endless cleaning chore. Case Sharing is not merely a simple record, but also a self-reminder of our original intention, which is to improve the living standard and make the world a better place.

Artful Apartment Coating Case

For a home built with the art museum concept, the decoration must be separated from the dirt so people living there can enjoy the space more casually. Delicate decoration takes time to conceive and maintain. Therefore, the kitchen and bathroom, which are the most challenging to take care of, are the main point of this owner's coating. Stainless steel seems durable and easy to take care of, but it isn't. Because of frequent contact with oil, water, and soap scum, stains are easily left. Although the owner's family has just moved in, CERALIV found a lot of brush marks and…

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Let CERALIV Coating Help People Get Along Better With Home


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The Freedom To Explore Life and Self At Will

This owner is starting her solitary life. She moved one floor away from her parents, and she could enjoy freedom while maintaining close contact with her family. We noticed a corner full of toys and children's books when we went to measurement. The owner said she would help to take care of her nephew sometime, but it was challenging to keep an eye on them all the time because she was alone. If she didn't pay attention, he might fall over, or the furniture or countertop may be used as a canvas to "create."...

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Enjoy The Turn of Seasons At Home

In this case, it took a year for the decoration only. Marble of different colors and other building materials combined with the warm sunlight, the space has a leisurely and delicate charm. The owner, who participated in the entire design process, understands that marble is challenging to take care of, and there are two energetic children in the family. But only marble can create the ideal layered. To preserve the perfect appearance of the marble, the owner read a lot of related maintenance information before moving in and learned about the home coating technology when surfing the Internet, among which…

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A Nice Decoration Depends On The Taste, Keep Nice Quality Through Cleanliness

Interior decoration is a visual appearance of personal taste. However, to keep this beauty forever, we must rely on daily cleaning to maintain it. When CERALIV entered the owner's home for on-site measurement, we were amazed by the tidy and clean space. The owner is also proud of how he maintains the home environment. He will always pay attention to every detail. No matter what kind of building materials, he will take a lot of time to take care of it. However, when the owner mentioned the bathroom cleaning, he was full of helplessness and discouragement. No matter how various…

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CERALIV Home Coating, The Sweetest Housewarming Gift

Housing prices heat up these days. For most people, it is a significant decision to spend all their savings to have a place that lets them feel stable and comfortable, especially a family. The real estate agent bears this important duty. It is a lengthy process, but when they find that perfect piece, the client's sparking eyes can let him know. As a real estate agent, he wants to give the owner the most practical gift to present his sincere wishes, which have been bothering him for a long time. He wants to become more than a mere formality but…

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