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The Rolls Royce of Kitchenware

Have you ever heard about Boffi? Boffi is the first brand to design a luxurious, high-end Italian kitchen. The idea at the origin of Boffi’s philosophy is as simple as it is radical, or in the simplest terms, it is the Rolls Royce of kitchenware.

Not only is Boffi's ultimate pursuit of kitchenware craftsmanship, but its price is almost equivalent to a Rolls Royce.

I know it sounds incredible, but many European designers can do everything they can to pursue the perfection of beauty. For example, they will use the whole raw stone or steel to dig and chisel to get the elegant lines without any seams for the perfect angle and radian.

"Isn't this just a kitchen island?"

Of course not! For Boffi, it is a piece of art, which must be produced with the highest craftsmanship and treated with the most respectful attitude. Such value is hard to only measure with the price.

Taiwanese and even most Asians care about practicality, but the more artistic the work, the less practical it is. Like the sandblasted stainless steel island of Boffi, like other Italian imported furniture, it suffers from dirt, oil, water, beverages, and even fingerprints.

The original intention of CERALIV was to give higher practicality without destroying the essence of these beauties so that they could be touchable and enjoyable. Through the exclusive Liquid Coating Technology, CERALIV truly makes "beauty" not limited to art but can be implemented daily.