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Fashion lovers, especially luxury handbag lovers understand the longing for the dream bag that brings joy but also worry about maintaining its perfect condition. We all know that buying a handbag is easy, but taking care of it can be very challenging. To solve this concern, CERALIV LUXURY brings the leading global professional coating technology to ensure that we no longer have to worry about our handbags losing their perfection due to moisture or improper care. By simply adding one more step, applying the CERALIV LUXURY professional coating, we can make the beauty of handbags last forever and provide them with strong protection.

Just one more step, CERALIV LUXURY coating will “lock” your handbags in its prime state

We understand the significance that each handbag holds for individuals. It is not just a record of rewarding oneself but an important accessory to show the unique taste; it is also a representation of personal style for daily life. Therefore, to help everyone maintain their beautiful appearance of handbags, we have developed CERALIV LUXURY professional coating. This coating prevents handbags from getting damp and damaged due to improper storage. From now on, simply applying the coating to your handbags will greatly enhance their stain resistance and protection, allowing you to confidently take your bag anywhere as your own stage.

CERALIV LUXURY professional coating creates the only boutique laboratory in the coating industry that provides comprehensive care for your beloved handbags.

You may wonder why we should choose CERALIV LUXURY professional coating over various ways to take care of your luxury handbags. In fact that is the biggest difference between others and CERALIV LUXURY, not only because it possesses the most advanced global coating technology but also has established the unique "Laboratory," which resembles a high-end department store display. This laboratory continually brings the latest technology to provide all-around protection for your handbags and offers every bag lover the greatest peace of mind.

Considering the distinctive leather treatment and dyeing techniques of different luxury brands, CERALIV LUXURY has developed the "36 procedures of leather quality identification " to determine the best coating method based on the detailed assessment of each handbag's condition. While maintaining the appearance and texture of handbags, this approach achieves the best stain resistance and protection. With the coating, you no longer need to worry about coffee stains, color transfer, or common issues such as dampness, deformation, and cracking during storage. The coating technology also preserves the original shine of the metal accessories on your handbag, preventing oxidation and discoloration. It truly freezes the beauty of your handbag at the perfect moment.

Add an extra layer of protection to your handbag!Make an appointment now, to preserve the beauty of handbags in a most magnificent moment.

After providing all these details, you may be wondering how to make a reservation to CERALIV LUXURY. The reservation process is simple, first, start from scheduling an online appointment, and join the official LINE group. Second, professional staff will assist in quotation of your handbags, explaining the conditions of handbags and subsequent coating process. The coating process takes approximately seven to ten days to receive your handbags with protection! Isn't it easy? Handbag lovers, start booking now! Whenever you purchase a new handbag, make sure to visit CERALIV LUXURY first for the professional coating!

In daily life, the chances of getting hit by paintballs while carrying a designer bag are not high, but the chances of getting splashed by coffee are quite easily. Either a colleague spills it or your shaky hands accidentally spill it. We found a cup of coffee that had been sitting for a long time, colder than my ex-girlfriend's look. We chose our boss's Lady Dior bag for the testing this time. Watching the coffee mercilessly splashing on the white leather, but the coffee stain would just disappear once you wipe it. I must say, it was totally awesome!

I can “play” with this all afternoon

Since we tested the Dior bag already, can the popular Book Tote bag also be water-repellent? No problem! Thanks to CERALIV LUXURY patented technology, ceramic can be transformed into a micrometer-level transparent film, combined with unique craftsmanship, this film could tightly grasp every fiber of the bag. Whether it's leather or textile fabric, it's like wearing an invisible armor! No matter it's rainy day today or coffee stains, you bag will all be protected. Look, how lively the water droplets on the bag are!

It can possibly withstand tomato sauce too, right?

I'm sure everyone has worn a white shirt or a white T-shirt before! We all probably experienced that once it stained with coffee or soy sauce, can't get it completely clean even we wiped it immediately. Clothes are replaceable, but how about a luxury bag worth hundreds of thousands? A sauce like tomato sauce, which easily stains should be terrifying! However, seeing CERALIV LUXURY fearlessly squeezed the left over tomato sauce from my hot dog directly on the bag. Unsurprisingly, sauce easily rinsed off with plain water in few seconds. The coating is truly effectiveness!

Even suede leather could coating too

Besides the common cowhide and sheepskin, suede is also an absorbent material. But after applying CERALIV LUXURY coating, could avoid most kinds of liquids stains and very easy to clean. What's even more impressive of CERALIV LUXURY coating is that remains transparent after curing without heating. Moreover, the feeling is almost identical to not having it at all, even better than 0.01 thin.