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CeraLiv provides professional home detailing services which includes a complete and transparent contact process based on customer needs. To ensure the best results, our home detailers are asked to have at least one thousand hours of training. Moreover, the ceramic coatings are developed      and manufactured by ourselves that have passed the strictest safety verification by the EU. To sum up, CeraLiv has the best products, home detailers and service that has won great reputation and trust from numerous costumers.

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CeraLiv pursues the best customer satisfaction and provides comprehensive customized home detailing services.


For example, the coatings that developed and manufactured by ourselves not only has long-lasting anti-fouling effects, but also has the EU REACH certification which is the strictest safety verification in the world. Furthermore, we seriously execute the one-thousand-hours training, strict standards of uniform wearing and environment maintenance. With the above self-requirements, CeraLiv is deeply favored and trusted by interior designers, building materials vendors, and even celebrities.

What kind of building material should have the home detailing?

Everything you can think of.

The very first thing when you move in the house.

CeraLiv makes you always feel like living in a new home

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Ready to try the best Home ceramic coating in the world ? 

CeraLiv Home ceramic coating

Prevention is better than scrubbing. CeraLiv is committed to using ceramic coating to prevent the formation of dirt, which greatly reduces the subsequent cleaning time and effort. We commit ourselves to make the families time more relaxable and enjoyable by our technology. 


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