Kitchen coatings case studies

CeraLiv’s kitchen coatings have excellent anti-stain property that stop greasy dirt from adhering on the countertop and façade which makes cleaning much easier.

Case Studies

Kitchen coatings

Alisasa apply CeraLiv coating to her linen sofa and kitchen countertop

CeraLiv team was honored to cooperate with HOUSE LAB Design and we were doing residential coating for Alisasa who has over one million subscribers on YouTube. ...



06 25

Unbox the kitchen of the celebrity couple, Paul and Claire.

The reason we contacted with Claire is owing to an upset post. As soon as I saw the post, I was wondering if Claire purchased a new house. Claire was a classmate of Bill in college. ...



03 14

Changhua luxury office+residence case !

Recently, CeraLiv went to Changhua to coat a luxurious office+residence.


Following the navigation, we drove the car into the country road, suspected that we were in the right place? But our colleague calmly said: "It’s okay, no worries."



08 16

Taoyuan Arts and Cultural Special Zone Mansion, the acceptance of CeraLiv coating construction!

Over 300 square meter, European furniture, and a well-known designer, all the above elements are indispensable to a luxury mansion.



03 08

Even if there is a cleaning staff, it can't stop water spots and oil stains ruining the new house.

CeraLiv went to Xinzhuang this time, and our client “Ms. Li “was troubled by the coloring problem on marble countertop for a long time.



03 03

CeraLiv 專業居家鍍膜



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Prevention is better than scrubbing. CeraLiv is committed to using ceramic coating to prevent the formation of dirt, which greatly reduces the subsequent cleaning time and effort. We commit ourselves to make the families time more relaxable and enjoyable by our technology.


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