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CeraLiv's kitchen coatings have great stain-resistance property which repels external sources of pollution. In addition, the coating really stops oily smoke generated during cooking from adhering to the countertops and facades, making it extremely easy to keep the kitchen as brand new.

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Kitchen is definitely the place that comes up with most serious stains annoyance. Due to frequent use, there are various pollution sources such as water, oil, food, drinks, which cause multiple stains. If the stains appear, powerful stain removal products are needed to. Moreover, if marble is used in the kitchen, it is really difficult to maintain. Therefore, CeraLiv’s kitchen coatings service has always been very popular. With our transparent liquid ceramic coating, it provides a safe and non-toxic film on the substrate without changing the texture of the material. It also repels oil and water from penetrating. Cleaning has since become a piece of cake.

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