Furniture coatings case studies

CeraLiv's coatings can be applied on various materials that enable us to provide a comprehensive furniture protection service for our clients.


Case Studies

Furniture coatings

New Cooperation with internet celebrity

Today, we went to “biatch planet”, a popular Taiwanese youtuber’s new decorated house to take an acceptance test. We have applied our coating to protect the flannelette sofa and flax chair. ...



04 23

Living on the highest floor.

Living on the highest floor of the most expensive project in Beitou, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Taipei City from the balcony, and the hot spring bath by going down first floor....



09 22

Super absorbent wood table treatment, CeraLiv home coating is easy to get it done!

CeraLiv came to Hsinchu this time to deal with a very special case. This time the laundry shop owner, and our goal this time is a "super absorbent wood table".



05 12

Special case sharing: Highly absorbent LOTOS floor

The difference between CeraLiv and other home coating brands is that all of our products are developed and manufactured by ourselves. In addition to common glass scales, countertop stains, stainless steel fingerprints, we are also able to provide solutions for rare and tricky cases.



04 28

Hot spring small studio apartment case study!

Beitou, the most famous spring area in Taiwan, has attracted millions of tourists every year. Due to the beautiful natural environment, rich historical atmosphere, and modernized convenient public transportation, more and more people has settled down in the lovely area.



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