Custom coatings for residential

The service specialist will visit and do the measurement to provide comprehensive custom coatings for residential service based on costumers’ needs and budget.

Stains appear very soon

How to keep house’s original beauty?

Every material comes up with stains problem due to daily use such as glass scale and metal oxidation. These stains are not like dust that can be removed by cleaning. This is because the stains are caused by corrosion or erosion. Once it occurs, it is extremely difficult to remove. The best solution to these kinds of stains is preventing them from happening. This is why CeraLiv created custom coatings for residential service. With exclusive technology, our coatings form a transparent ceramic protective film on the surface to resist the erosion and corrosion, and reduce the cleaning time by up to 50%.

1. Requirement Analysis

Understand customers’ needs and preliminary planning

2. Measurement and Quotation

Measure the precise dimension for further quotation

3. Original Status Record

Record the material condition and confirm

the coating area with client.

4. Pre-treatment Cleaning

Before application, the surface will be cleaned or slightly polished to ensure the best results of application.

5. Application

All the works are done by one-thousand-hour trained applicators.

6. Acceptance Inspection

Ultimate stain-resistance inspected by permanent marker.

Comprehensive residential coating service

Acceptance inspection only in CeraLiv

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CeraLiv residential coatings service

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Our service specialist will reply within 24 hours, and a DIY residential coating (ENHANCE) will be delivered after the application is completed!

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