About CeraLiv

CeraLiv is the third brand created by CHOOSE NanoTech. The first two brands have made great achievements in industrial and automotive coatings respectively. Many customers from the two areas have asked about the application possibilities of home building materials. CeraLiv hence was born. Due to the rich experience, strong research and development of the head office, CeraLiv's products have very mature technology and foundation as soon as the brand was launched.


What makes CeraLiv so GOOD?






Revolutionary Bonding Technology

01 RBT

High-standard ceramic coatings often need heating to be cured, which is difficult for daily use applications. However, CeraLiv's R&D center breaks through the bottlenecks of the heating process. By combining with the moisture in the air, our coatings adhere to the objects surfaces strongly during the drying process, and will not fall off due to ultraviolet radiation, weather changes, and daily use.


LCT Technology

02 LCT

The color-change is inevitable during the curing process of ceramics. However, CeraLiv not only overcomes the heating procedure but also the transparency obstacle. Our liquid ceramic technology allows our coating become a transparent micron-level film even after curing. With patented bonding technology, this layer of protection firmly adheres to the surface and provides excellent stain resistance, durability and high temperature resistance.








1What makes CeraLiv so different from others?

CeraLiv’s coating has a double-layer structure. The bottom layer is a nano-ceramic film which provides resistance to dirt, acid and alkali.

The surface layer is hydrophobic which gives excellent water repellent effect to block water or liquid from erosion. All the properties above make our coating anti-fouling and easy cleaning.

CeraLiv’s coating is a transparent nano-ceramic composition which will not affect the original color and appearance of the material. It provides excellent anti-fouling, easy-to-clean, acid and alkali resistance, and waterproof protection properties. More importantly, it maintains the original touch feeling. CeraLiv’s coatings also withstand the damage of solvents such as 99% alcohol, turpentine and even toluene. There’s no need to worry about sanitize the house but damage CeraLiv’s coating.

2How long does CeraLiv’s coating last? Do I need to maintain it afterward? How often does the maintenance take place?

Once the CeraLiv’s coating is cured, it can only be removed by mechanical polishing. Therefore, if it is not damaged by external strong forces, the CeraLiv coating remains permanently.

The hydrophobic layer will be consumed by daily use, and the water repellent effect will decline after a period of time. However, the bottom layer still provides excellent protection.

It is recommended to use CeraLiv DIY coating “ENHANCE” at least once a week to replenish the surface layer. The water repellent effect will be restored and achieving the most comprehensive protection.

3Any safety concerns of the coating? Is this product safe? Has it been testified safe?

All CeraLiv’s home ceramic coatings are tested and certificated safe by SGS

Certificated by REACH EU regulations for absolute free of substances of very high concern (SVHC)

Certificated by the ASTM F963 inspection specification, CeraLiv coating does not contain eight heavy metal substances

Certificated by the CPSC-CH-E1003-09.1 inspection specification, CeraLiv coating does not contain toxic heavy metal.

CeraLiv’s coating is harmless to health, and there is no need to worry about any health concerns to children or pet.

4 Is there anything to be concerned about before coating?

The surface condition must be perfect before coating. If there are cracks, stains, scratches, or serious water erosion, etc., it is recommended to have professional repairs first.

5 How long does the coating need to be cured?

CeraLiv nano-ceramic coating is a high polymer coating that overlaps on the surface to form a dense net-shape of ceramic structure and adheres to the substrate strongly. Normally, it takes about 2-3 days for complete curing. Do not touch during the period and make sure no water and liquid is accidently spilled on the surface to have the best protective effect.

6Can the coating be DIY at home?

CeraLiv coating must be applied by our home detailers. The home detailing process includes evaluating the characteristic of the material, the feasibility of the case, the best way to apply the coating. Above all, it is not recommended to DIY.

7 Can I still have home detailing after living in it for a while?

Yes, it can be home detailed regardless of whether it is a new house or a house that has already been moved in. However, there will be more or less stains after use. The surface condition will be evaluated before coating. In addition, it takes 2-3 days for the coating to be cured and should not be touched during the period.

As a result, the most suitable time for home detailing is after the interior decoration is finished.

8 What is the price range of home detailing?

The price is based on the dimension of the area which is 300 NTD per one sai (30*30cm). CeraLiv’s sales person will communicate with the costumer and take the precise measurement. Surely the larger dimension is, the better discounts we are going to offer.

9 What kind of materials should have the home detailing?

CeraLiv develops various coatings for common building materials. Basically every objects, big or small, in the house can be coated to have the protective and easy-to-clean properties.

Bathroom detailing: hardware and glass door, prevent lime scale and soap scale from happening

Kitchen detailing: countertop, resistant to oil stains and is easy to keep clean

Stone detailing: anti-graffiti, resistant to acid and common liquid

Glass detailing: hydrophobic effect, prevent lime scale from happening

Hardware detailing: prevent oxidation from happening and maintain high gloss

High-quality goods detailing: prevent oxidation from happening, maintain high gloss, water repellent

10Is there a warranty for the home detailing?

The warranty is 18 months. During this period, if the coating fails doesn’t come from improper use, CeraLiv will redo the home detailing and only charge for transportation and minimum wage.

11 How is the home detailing process be arranged?

1. Communication, understand the needs
We communicate with the costumer first and understand his/her needs on the internet or phone. Evaluating the materials conditions, planning preliminary process, and making an appointment for measurement

2. Measurement and quotation
Giving advices based on the surface condition and taking measurement. Quote the price afterward.

3. Confirmation
At this stage, we do the final confirmation with the costumer about price, dimension, date.

4. Pre-treatment and cleaning
Before applying the coating, we fully clean and even lightly polish the surface to make sure the best quality.

5. Home detailing
Choose the most suitable products based on the condition of the surface and costumer’s need.

6. Acceptance inspection
After the coating is cured, acceptance inspection will be carried out to make sure the coating is doing its work. The subsequent maintenance will be taught as well.

Measurement will charge transportation fees as follows

Taipei and New Taipei City-Free

Taichung Region-500 NTD

Tainan Region-800 NTD

ualien and Taitung Region-800 NTD

12Warranty Details

After the home detailing is completed, if there is any concern of the material surface, please do communicate with the detailer. Once confirmed everything is good, it will be the effective date of warranty which lasts 18 months.

During the warranty, if the coating goes wrong, please contact the salesperson to examine the condition. If redo is needed, we only charge transportation fee and minimum wage.

If the coating is damaged by improper use, the warranty will not be effective. For example: scratches, chipped corners, cracks caused by hard objects such as tableware, cutlery, metal, and glass; or highly corrosive liquids such as strong acids and alkalis spilled on the coating surface, causing foggy surface, erosion and stains.

CeraLiv is only responsible for applying the coating, not for repairing the surface.

If you have any questions, please communicate with the salesperson to reach a consensus before applying coating.









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羅丹沉思者雕像、雪山隧道、奇美博物館噴水池石雕,這些海內外知名的藝術品作品或者巨型工程案,其實都有我們母公司CHOOSE NanoTech的身影存在,過去我們的鍍膜專注在工業端與企業端的合作以及應用,現在創立的CeraLiv則跳脫過往的模式,試著走入你我的生活之中,利用我們對於高規格鍍膜的知識與科技力,讓每個人可以享受到更便利與美好的日常。