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CeraLiv's vision is to popularize our coating to all families in the world, providing every family a more convenient living environment and getting back the time stolen by cleaning chores.


In addition to share all of our cases, the blog is also a reminder of the original intention of CeraLiv: to make the world a better place.

Case Studies

Custom coatings 

Living on the highest floor of the most expensive project in Beitou 


Living on the highest floor of the most expensive project in Beitou, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Taipei City from the balcony, and the hot spring bath by going down first floor.


Providing home detailing services up to now, CeraLiv has had many luxury housing projects, but the scenery outside this luxury building is undoubtedly the most fascinating. The antiques collection by the owner surprised us even more.


However, such a luxury home also has some problems that cannot be solved by cleaning.







Previously, due to serious stains issues of the hot spring floor which CeraLiv provided great solution by our ceramic coating, the owner soon contacted us. It is great to live on the highest floor; on the other hand, it faces the most serious weather changes.


After prolonged UV exposure and rain erosion, even the Indian black granite which is a hard and durable stone still couldn’t resist the weather in Taiwan. Unpleasant water spots and stains are all over the place.


In order to have the best protection, the pre-treatment is needed and nearly return to the original condition. Then, we do what we do best. After the coating is done and cured, the billionaire finds his relief and finally is able to enjoy his tea time and great view without worrying the stains.  


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