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CeraLiv's vision is to popularize our coating to all families in the world, providing every family a more convenient living environment and getting back the time stolen by cleaning chores.


In addition to share all of our cases, the blog is also a reminder of the original intention of CeraLiv: to make the world a better place.

Case Studies

Custom coatings 

Special case sharing: Highly absorbent LOTOS floor


The difference between CeraLiv and other home coating brands is that all of our products are developed and manufactured by ourselves. In addition to common glass scales, countertop stains, stainless steel fingerprints, we are also able to provide solutions for rare and tricky cases.


Such as the customer in Zhongshan District, Taipei City. The floor in his home is made of highly absorbent LOTOS floor which brings stains issue that once liquid accidentally drops or spills it will cause unattractive stains.


Moreover, the owner has a pet and is worried about her urinating will eventually bring unpleasant odor problems.


After fully understand what our coating is able to do the owner, not after long, decides to have our protection on his floor.


The results?


I’ll let the video speaks for ourselves.





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