Do you still have a lot of questions about home coating? To this end, CeraLiv has collected the most frequently asked questions by customers and put them together on the FAQs page, hoping to clarify your confusion.


Five characteristics of residential coatings

In the past two years, residential coatings have become more and more popular. However, most people simply know a little about it. The concept of residential coatings is "prevention is better than cure." By applying a protective layer on the home building material surfaces, the layer resists external dirt, liquids, or pollution to damage the material. It effectively solves stain problems in the home such as lime scale in the bathroom, greasy stain on the kitchen countertop, or metal oxidation. Recently, residential coating companies have sprung up like mushrooms, but CeraLiv is the only one that is popular and trusted by entertainers, internet celebrities and luxury house owners. The reason behind it is that our residential coatings have the following five characteristics.

Feature 1: Lotus effect

Our ceramic coatings produce nano-fleece on the surface that repel external pollution to prevent them from adhering to the surface just like the lotus leaf which makes cleaning much easier. As a result, the time spent on housework cleaning will be greatly reduced.

Feature 2 : We use the top material

CeraLiv uses liquid ceramic as the main material and it is rarely seen in the residential coating industry. This is because liquid ceramics are hard to be dried, and often need high heating to cure. However, our laboratory successfully broke the bottleneck and developed ceramic coatings that can be self-dried. This allows us to widely expand the application to the household field. The coatings are going to form a protective film that effectively prevent the stone from discoloring and the glass from producing lime scale.

Feature 3 : Safety certification by EU

Some of our customers concern the safety issue of ceramic coatings. For that, CeraLiv guarantees the absolute safety by the strictest safety regulation in the world which is EU REACH certification. No regulation is more stringent to human safety than REACH that proves our dedication to create effective, non-toxic and harmless ceramic coatings to provide a better and advanced lifestyle.

Feature 4 : RBT makes coatings effective and durable

All of CeraLiv's products are developed by our own, and the parent company has three major brands which achieve great success in industrial, automotive, and residential fields. One of the biggest reasons is the revolutionary bonding technology created by our laboratory that makes our coatings strongly adhere to the substrate to achieve high durability coupled with the hardness of the liquid ceramic itself. In short, our coatings provide great anti-stain property which lasts long.

Feature 5, Absolute transparency

Many people dream to have their own home, and it takes hard work to fulfill that dream. The coatings that CeraLiv has created are transparent which will not affect the appearance of the material and the thickness is between 3-5um which is invisible to the naked eye. This allows our coating to offer strong protection without affecting the texture of your beloved house.





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