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The vision of CeraLiv is that we hope all families around the world are able to take advantage of our high-performance coating, and releasing our customers from endless cleaning chore.


Case Sharing is not merely a simple record, but also a self-reminder of our original intention, which is improve the living standard and make the world a better place.

Case Studies

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Unbox the kitchen of the celebrity couple, Paul and Claire.

“Decorating is so exhausting.” The reason we contacted with Claire is owing to an upset post. As soon as I saw the post, I was wondering if Claire purchased a new house. Claire was a classmate of Bill in college. Although they are no more than acquaintances, Claire left nice impressions to Bill, like “beautiful”, ”pleasant.” Claire is so frank that she often laughed out with her friends in public. Seeing her post, the first thought in my mind was “Coating on new decorating house is the most effective.” As the thought popped up, I clicked the messenger immediately. When I was typing, the other thought hit in my mind which was that am I being a freak? After all, we have not connected with each other after graduation. Hesitating for a whole week, I told myself, CeraLiv residential coating can help Claire for sure. Then, I screwed up my courage to liaise Claire.

To my surprise, because her husband went to car detailing occasionally Claire had some understanding of residential coating. More impressed, when I saw Claire, she seemed even younger than the time she was in college. That is no telling that she had delivered two children. As taking a deeper look, I found out Claire like to cook for her family; in addition, the glass in bathroom is also vulnerable to water stains and soap scum. Therefore, the countertop in kitchen and the glass in bathroom are which I put emphasis on.

The places which need protection the most are bathroom and kitchen, especially they chose a lot of marble to decorate. Marble is a precious building material that os able to improve one’s temperament; it, however, tends to encounter discoloring problems so the strong protection is needed. As we were busy on application and ignored the mealtime, Claire was so thoughtful that she bought us some drinks and chicken chops. Claire is still the same friendly person as usual.

Now, let’s draw a quick conclusion. If you worry about cleaning problems but still love cooking as Claire does, or you are finding a way to resolve the water stains on glass in bathroom. Please contact with us immediately, and you will enjoy the most professional home detailing service.

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